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Are you swimming in old Family photos? Did you just get back from an Amazing Trip to only find 100+ images that you're sorting through. If so, this is Post is for you!

Here are some easy steps you can take to get started:

Step 1

Use index cards, scrap paper or sticky notes to create three labeled pile categories for sorting: Yes, Maybe and No (For digital photos make three file folders).

Step 2

Sort the photos into the three categories using the following criteria:

• Does the photo have historic importance and will future generations appreciate it?

• Would the image mean something to someone outside of your family?

• Does it give you joy, is it beautiful or does it invoke an important memory?

• Does the photo tell or document an important story that needs to be preserved?

• Are there duplicates or similar images that are better?

• Is the photo “readable?”-- Is the photo in focus? Does it have a good composition? Is the color correct?

Subcategory Notes:

Portrait photos: Does this image represent the person in the best light or give you an insight to their personality?

Travel photos: It’s nice to include a few landscape, cityscape and ambiance images to your travel album to tell a story but you don’t need too many. Less is more, and images with people are generally more interesting in the long run. (Foreground/Background rule)

Pet/Animal photos: Keep only the best image(s) but less is more, and images where the animal or pet is interacting with a person will generally be a more exciting photo to look at later on.

Reminder: The goal is to discard unneeded photos. Be discerning and selective, photos can be the gatekeepers to our memories but when there are too many images it’s overwhelming. A well-curated photo collection will be a cherished gift, but an uncrated photo collection will be a burden.

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