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Susannah helped us get a handle on our many photos in multiple formats and was thoughtful in helping us create an easy-to-use system to store and enjoy our family memories.  She also helped us set up systems to manage our overwhelming iPhone photos so that we can enjoy these photos for years to come!  We loved working with Susannah and are thrilled to have a sustainable system for managing our ever-growing family photo library! -Beth 

I had the pleasure of working with Susannah to tackle a very large family photo project. Susannah was able to immediately provide me with an efficient organizational framework for the portions I wanted to do myself and vendor suggestions for the portions I wanted to outsource. Susannah also showed me great techniques for safely handling some of the very old photographs and many modern tools to make the project easier. Susannah did an excellent job of listening to my goals, understanding my budget, and helping me create a manageable plan of attack. And she's a lot of fun to work with! -Kaya

Susannah is really good at this photo organizing and she clearly loves what she does! She is helping me downsize and convert 70 years of photos and albums--not an easy job. But she brings amazing and diverse skills to this job. She is knowledgeable about current products, has good design skill, is attentive to details, and is transparent and honest about business/finances.

Susannah is also patient and understanding about the emotional component--my needing to let go of so much history. And she is just a lovely a gracious human being and so pleasant to be with.

I recommend her highly as a photo organizer and wish her every success. I feel blessed to be working with her. She is a wise guide towards this new generation of photo solutions. Five Stars/5*****! -Betty

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