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Photo Scanning Solutions: A New Approach

Want to scan a photo but it's stuck to the album page? Flip-Pal mobile scanner creates a simple solution.

Photo album and Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Flip-Pal, a new form of scanner technology that makes it simple to archive your vintage photo albums without damaging the pages. In some cases removing the photo from an album may cause permanent damage. So, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is a tool that makes scanning easier and portable.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner on top of a photo album

Choosing a flatbed scanner can be daunting for anyone. Since photo storage is a personal process, Flip-Pal cuts out the need for removing photos from the pages of albums potentially causing damage.

When preserving photos having the best resolution is important. The Flip-Pal scans up to 600 dpi (hi-res) and retains the original color.

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner with photo on top of it.

Large documents can also be tricky to preserve. The Flip-Pal includes the Easy-Stitch software that allows you scan several parts of one document in order to ‘stitch’ them together (video below).

It can take hours to scan a collection of photos with a traditional flatbed scanner and a computer. The Flip-Pal does not require a computer to operate making it a simple and quick solution for many photo projects.

Next time you’re at a family gathering looking through old photos, you can take the Flip-Pal to the photos rather than taking the photos to the scanner.

The Flip-Pal has been a lifesaver when working with vintage photo albums that are extremely delicate and it’s a great tool for beginners and professionals alike.

If you're looking to pick one up, click here to purchase your very own Flip-Pal:


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